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Recruiter & HR Consultant Boulder CO

People are our passion.  We specialize in providing your start-up or small businesses with innovative recruiting and HR/People Operations solutions that meet your unique business' needs.



Are you looking for a way to get your HR needs met without having to hire a full-time HR or Recruiting pro?  We've got what you need.  



We're ready to bring our passion for people to your business today!







"If you want an amazing culture, one that ingites employee's passions, creativity, and high-energy performance, have to recruit and hire the right team, have a culture roadmap and aspire every day to be better than what you are right now."


- Ziola Saputo, Recruiter & HR Consultant in Boulder, CO 

Recruiter & HR Consultant Boulder CO


We provide tailored Recruiting and HR solutions for your unique company.


We can start with a detailed Risk Assessment of your current company's HR systems and processes, people and culture to determine the right mix of HR services you need.  


We set you up for immediate and long-term success by understanding your strategic plan and developing a phased approach that meets the pace of your current and future business needs.



We do recruitment differently.  Everyone says it, but we mean it.  We have a 93% successful placement rate for a reason! We've successfully hired top talent for all types of industries and position levels.  We've developed our own proprietary recruitment methodology and it works very, very well.   We get to know your business and recruit as if we were an internal team member.



We know that one of the most important aspects of creating culture is in establishing healthy, productive communication.   We provide workshops and trainings that improve communication, collaboration, and innovation. We focus on listening skills, leadership development, and individual coaching.



We've developed our own method for creating and maintaining strong company cultures. This process, called M.A.P., aligns the leadership team, targets the characteristics of the people you want, as well as develops unique systems that promote healthy, winning cultures.  It's a science and an art.  We can apply our M.A.P. method to your business and have immediate results in employee retention and business ROI.



You know your business strategy.  Now try to extrapolate your business expectations coupled with your workforce needs over the course of 5 years.  Do you know the exact number of people you need to hire, which positions and in what order, as well as your talent and skill gaps?  We can help.  We develop 5-year Strategic Workforce Growth Plans that anticpate changes and lead to smarter decision making.



Just need a little help?  We also provide executive advisory support, manager trainings, policy and handbook creation, professional development plans, coaching for Jr. HR reps, job descriptions, change management leadership, performance management systems, and more.



The common mistake most businesses make is providing compensation based on the employee request and if it works in the budget, then great!  But no, this is not a good long-term strategy and it sets up issues in compensation that take years to correct.  We know that good data leads to better decisions.  Let's do an analysis on your company's compensation today so that you can keep your top talent and maintain your business for the long-term. 

Human Resources_Services


We love to see you thrive.  We are absolutley obsessed about it.  We want your company story to be the envy of other companies.  And when someone asks how you did it, we want you to be able to point to AlignHR as being the difference maker.  


You know that people are at the heart of your organization. The key is to bring the very best out of your people day in and day out, to have the very best talent driving your business forward, and to have employees that are as committed to your vision as you are.  We know how to do this.  It's our secret sauce.  And we want to bring our passion to your company so that you get a high return on your HR investment. 




Business Owners: Need Recruiting or HR support but can’t afford a full-time HR employee?

You are not alone.  Most small to mid-sized businesses can’t afford a full-time human resources professional, yet need to be able to tap into HR expertise at key moments.  That’s where AlignHR comes in.  We fill that gap and specialize in solving human resources problems at the level you need.  That’s our “sweet spot”.   Our expereince and guidance will give you the HR tools you need for a real competitive advantage.  AlignHR is on a mission to make Human Resources available to companies that otherwise wouldn’t have access to HR. Our goal is to form a trusting relationship, and become a partner with your company for the long term.




We know your pain points! We specialize in helping people like you:

  • Business Owners with a specific need in mind, who need to discuss an issue and receive personal attention

  • Coaching and helping other HR employees -  We help guide other HR professionals whether they are early in their career or need "extra hands" on a specific project.  

  • Visionary CEOs who want to create a talent/employee pool that helps the company achieve its long-term strategic goals.  They need business advisement on how to develop a winning company culture, leverage their people's skills and passions, and create a long-term people strategy.



Whatever your need, we can help.  We're ready to get started on making your company at top place to work, where candidates are flocking to your doors, employees love working, and you are achieiving extraordinary business results. 





Our Team

I am a Recruiting & HR consultant and Founder of AlignHR, a talent consulting company that leverages HR strategies to create amazing results for startups and small businesses.  I love seeing the teams I work with thrive. 


Over the years I’ve advised multiple C-Level executives and small business owners in various industries from tech, energy, manufacturing and more. I currently hold a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification and have earned a Masters Certificate in Human Resources Management from Villanova University.  I also love good bourbon, gardening, and playing with my dog, Penny.

Allison O' Brien

For decades I’ve been intrigued by human interaction, and the question of “What is it that creates connection and how or why do we withdraw and disengage from each other?” The follow-up question is “How does this affect how ​individuals and teams ​work together and ​also ​how do we show up for the people we love?​​

Human Resources Consultant in Boulder, CO

My genuine interest in people and what makes us tick has paved the way for a career helping individuals and companies transform the way they do business through the standpoint of ​culture, ​communication and conversation.  I believe it’s rare to work everyday in a job that aligns 100% with your core values, passion and life’s purpose. I am incredibly fortunate and profoundly grateful to be able to say, without hesitation, that that is true for me.

Ziola Saputo, PHR

"Ziola brings an extraordinary passion for recruiting hard-to-find talent and utilizing her HR skills in developing fun and engaging working environments. While, Ziola is skilled in all areas of human resources, her real talent is aligning team members with the core values, vision and strategy of a company." - Tim Enwall, CEO of Misty Robotics




We're ready to make your business an amazing place to work!

Providing Recruitment and Human Resources solutions to Boulder and Denver, CO, Mountain View, CA and beyond!

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